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LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) is an advanced dental treatment for gum disease. Using a laser, it removes infected tissue and promotes natural healing, avoiding traditional cut-and-suture methods. Minimally invasive and with reduced downtime, LANAP offers patients a more comfortable and efficient solution to restore healthy gums and save teeth.
LANAP laser surgery offers several key advantages over traditional cut-and-sew surgery, including:
  • Minimally invasive: LANAP is a less intrusive procedure, resulting in reduced discomfort and a faster recovery time.

  • Preservation of healthy tissue: The laser specifically targets diseased areas while preserving surrounding healthy gum tissue.

  • Bloodless procedure: LANAP's laser technology promotes clotting, minimizing bleeding during the surgery.

  • Reduced post-operative complications: Patients are less likely to experience infections and other complications after LANAP.

  • Less fear and anxiety: LANAP's gentle approach appeals to patients who are apprehensive about conventional scalpel surgery.

  • Continued medication use: Patients on blood thinners or specific medications can continue treatment without interruption.

  • Promotes natural healing: LANAP stimulates the body's regenerative abilities for better long-term results.

  • In summary, LANAP laser surgery provides a patient-friendly alternative to conventional methods, ensuring effective gum disease management with enhanced comfort and safety.

Some of the primary benefits of LANAP laser surgery as compared to traditional cut-and-sew surgery are:
  • Less pain

  • Less bleeding

  • Less sensitivity

  • Less gum loss

  • Less swelling

  • Very little downtime after treatment

  • Less post-op infections

  • Promotes regeneration of supporting gum tissues

  • Healing is perceived to be faster and more comfortable than conventional surgery

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